With Hidden Noises – Liner Notes

With Hidden Noises – Holland Hopson

01 – Slowlife 1
07 – Slowlife 2
16 – Slowlife 3
A readymade landscape. The listener navigates through soundmarks that reference other sections of the installation. Gliding through a deserted parking garage, dimly lit by flickering fluorescents. Listening for the quotidian quality of the readymade.

02 – Horizontal
Activated when object is held horizontally. Cicada blips taken from work I did with Chris Mann.

03 – WHN, Descending A,
11 – Descending Astaire WHN
Incorporate field recordings of stones falling into the volcanic crater of Gunung Merapi in Sumatra, Indonesia.

04 – Wheel, Flown,
06 – Choc.late
15 – Flywheel
Employ samples from my ‘grinders’ collection: hand-cranked grinders, flywheels, electric drills, simple rotating machines.

05 – Standard Stoppage 2
14 – Standard Stoppage 1
The movement of the sculpture draws ‘curves’ similar to Duchamp’s Standard Stoppages sculpture. The curves are interpreted as audio waveforms. Beeping sounds recall audio test tones, incorporated in the same manner Duchamp used color swatches in his paintings.
Standard Stoppage 2 was largely an accident. After playing with the object for a while, some stray data wound up in a buffer. A finely buffed buffer. Round trip for the buffer.

08 – Walter Hopps in Neon
A neon sign with letters flickering so that the meaning changes. Walter Hopps is reportedly the only person who knew what was inside With Hidden Noise. The voice of reason in the background breaks everything down into constituent letters, atomic particles. He’s quite sure he’s helping.

09 – Vicious Circle 2
12 – Vicious Circle 1
When he smiles you notice some teeth are missing. Overlapping circles of circular sounds spinning in circles.

10 – Difference of 1
13 – Difference of 2
The sound inside the sculpture subtracted from itself. Covered in dust.