Grab Rare Arts is a record label. We also provide art and technology services. A partial list of our services and clients is provided below. Contact us about your next project.

Software Development for Interactive Performance or Installation

  • Electronic Music Foundation: programmed software for real-time spatial realization of John Cage’s “Bird Cage”
  • Jack Ox: designed and programmed sound visualization software to be used in her Color Organ
  • Manhattan School of Music: constructed custom electronics for Luigi Nono’s Con Luigi Dallapiccola
  • Chris Mann: designed and programmed software for real-time phoneme recognition and 8 channel spatialization of voice. Read a little about it in this interview Chris gave for the American Mavericks radio series.
  • Nicole Peyrafitte: designed and programmed real-time video and audio processing software
  • Monique Buzzarte: electronic sensor design and construction for trombone
  • Kristin Norderval: modifications of real-time audio processing software

Film Scores and Sound Design

  • soundtrack to Anney Bonney video Cascadence
  • original score to short film “The Case of Clyde Baxter,” winner of a Best in Festival Award at the Nudge 2.0 Micro Digital Film Festival


  • We’re available for classroom teaching or individual tutoring in interactive media
  • previous experience includes teaching multimedia production courses at Ramapo College, NJ and Harvestworks, NYC and tutoring individuals in the New York City area in Max/MSP and Basic Stamp programming.
  • We can also provide the following hands-on workshops:
    • Building Sensors for Interactive Electronics
    • Introduction to Bent Electronics

Art Administration