Post & Beam

Holland Hopson draws on his Alabama roots with Post & Beam, a collection of songs for banjo and voice with live electronics. The album features four traditional songs from the southern Appalachians and three original compositions melding traditional old-time banjo technique with interactive electronics.

With Hidden Noises

Holland Hopson With Hidden Noises CD cover

With Hidden Noises brings to life Marcel Duchamp’s ready-made sculpture ‘With Hidden Noise.’ This binaural CD documents Holland’s 4-channel audio installation of the same name which features a replica of Duchamp’s sculpture. The sculpture is outfitted with sensors which translate motion into sound. The CD tracks were recorded ‘live’ by manipulating the sculpture.


Holland Hopson Maps CD cover

Maps, Holland Hopson’s first solo release on Grab Rare Arts is now available. Maps features 6 tracks of soprano saxophone and interactive electronics–from the Sacred Harp-inspired “Kedron” to the aggresive textures of “Yellow Mama” and the haunting lyricism of “Still Moving.”