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With Hidden Noises - Holland Hopson

With Hidden Noises CD cover

With Hidden Noises brings to life Marcel Duchamp's ready-made sculpture 'With Hidden Noise.' This binaural CD documents Holland's 4-channel audio installation of the same name which features a replica of Duchamp's sculpture. The sculpture is outfitted with sensors which translate motion into sound. The CD tracks were recorded 'live' by manipulating the sculpture.

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Release date: February 2006

1. Slow Life 1
2. Horizontal
3. WHN Descending A
4. Wheel, Flown
5. Standard Stoppage 2
6. Choc.late
7. Slow Life 2
8. Walter Hopps in Neon
9. Vicious Circle 2
10. Difference of 1
11. Descending Astaire WHN
12. Vicious Circle 1
13. Diffference of 2
14. Standard Stoppage 1
15. Flywheel
16. Slow Life 3

All works by Holland Hopson for custom sensor-based controller and computer

Creative Commons License
With Hidden Noises is licensed under a Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0 License.