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The Case of Clyde Baxter




Maps now available for free download

Holland Hopson's first CD, Maps, is now available for free download in 320k mp3 format. Get the entire album plus artwork. Or go here to download individual tracks.

Music for image.
Music for movement.

Holland Hopson has been composing music for film, video and theatre since 1991. Below are some mp3s from recent projects

The Case of Clyde Baxter (2005)
Written and directed by Aaron Dixon.

(Winner - Best of Festival at the Nudge 2.0 Micro Digital Film Festival)

Two identical twin brothers, one unsuspecting wife. It all adds up to one hilarious short film.

Cascadence (2001)
by Anney Bonney

(Winner - Grand Prize for Animation at the Rutgers University Film and Video Festival)

A digital evocation of a surface of water, disturbed by a pebble and reacting energetically.


Pieces that weren't quite right for the project, but can't be let go.